Stop your parents’ car
I just saw a shooting star,
We can wish upon it
We won’t share the wish we made.

I can keep no secrets.

I wished that you had always stayed…

Laundry Room, Avett Bros. (via humpypump)

Laundry Room

Because Scott.

It is not your job to change people, only to demonstrate what God is really like.
Graham Cooke  (via roadtojjoy)
7am view. That’s the city of #gatlinburg down there in the corner.

7am view. That’s the city of #gatlinburg down there in the corner.

The view I woke up to #gatlinburg

The view I woke up to #gatlinburg

I wanna be here.

I wanna be here.


I almost always try to keep my opinions off of social networking. Everyone has an opinion, and it isn’t always necessary to express that opinion. Saying that, I need to get some things off of my chest. And it is my blog and my right to say what I want. I have never claimed to be really involved or concerned with politics. However, I am concerned with the state of my nation and its people. I am grieved with the decision that my nation has made on this election night. I am not saying that I was a die hard Mitt Romney fan. I wasn’t. I am however a firm believer in the Bible. Some might say the views I am going to express are typical or shallow, but it is my blog and I am saying it. I could not, as a christian, vote for anyone that is pro-choice. Abortion is wrong in any and every situation. It is murder whichever way you look at it. I cannot fathom how we can put the motives and ambitions of ourselves above the life of a child. I also don’t know how one can be a believer in God and the Bible and choose to ignore an issue like abortion. It is selfish. Saying all of this, I know that God is in control. I know it might sound cliche, but I know the Lord has a plan. I have never seen the righteous forsaken and I don’t plan on seeing that in the next four years. Only God can change this nation. We must continue to pray for our nation and its leaders. We may not agree with everything that they believe in, and this should give us more drive to get into our prayer closets and give this to God. I don’t put my trust in President Obama, but in the Lord. 

I would also like to raise the question: When did our presential election become about race? As i scroll through social networks tonight I see that many people are bringing that up. Can we get past the race issue in America?  I am sorry for the way that people have been treated on behalf of their race, but can’t we move past that? Why can’t we just love despite cultural barriers and color lines? Just a thought. 


Here is a link to the bound4life website and their response to the election: